Year 11 Results

After two years of educational disruption, ensuring students were ready for high stakes exams has been our core focus. The return to external exams has required strength and stamina from students as the examination period was extended this year. Teachers have provided relentless support throughout this exam period.

Our headline measures have reflected the national picture and shown a slight dip this year with 62% of students achieving 4+ in English and Maths and 41% at 5+. Our Attainment 8 figure has remained broadly unchanged at 47. Better than predicted performance in English was balanced by less favourable outcomes in maths. On the whole, performance was largely in line with national averages. 

As always, individual performances have brought great cause for celebration. Aishi Malhotra achieved 9’s in Maths, English Language, Chemistry, History and Spanish with an 8 in English Literature and Distinction* in both Enterprise and Creative Media. A truly outstanding performance, but thoroughly deserved given the commitment she has shown to her study with us. Enrique Agrawal gained 8’s in Maths, English Language, Chemistry and Computer Science, with 7’s in Physics, History and English Literature. 

Though the focus can all too easily fall on those with the highest grades; in terms of progress, one of our highest achievers, Robert Mogosan, went above and beyond in demonstrating the Logic Attitude. Robert’s commitment and focus throughout Year 11 has been astounding and he has been fairly rewarded with a string of grade 5 and 6’s.