Year 12 Parent communication

Dear Parent / Carer


Further to the letter we sent out on New Year’s Eve, we hope you and your families remain well at this challenging time.  Monday’s address to the nation by the Prime Minister has once again taken us by surprise but, as ever, we remain committed to serving our community and have been quickly working to make sense of recent announcements. There have been mixed messages around how grades will be reported this year, but we anticipate that there will be no changes when your young person reaches Year 13 next year. This means it is absolutely vital that your child continues to engage with their remote learning throughout this lockdown period in preparation for future assessments, exams and coursework.


We would also draw your attention to the requirement that the Government is now putting on schools to have clear remote education provision. To this end I wanted to outline what has been put in place for Year 12 and our expectations from this point.  It goes without saying that the staff at Logic are totally committed to providing an excellent quality of education and continuing to care for the wellbeing of young people.  We will closely monitor their attendance and engagement in online learning so we can fully support them and ensure we can continue to prepare them for next year and beyond.


What you can expect from us:

  1. Subject teachers will deliver online lessons in line with your child’s normal timetable. Lessons will start on Monday 11th January.
  2. You will receive a phone call from us at least every fortnight to check how you are and how your child is doing with their online learning.
  3. Your child’s Prep Tutor or personal coach will also be in touch with them regularly.
  4. We will put plans in place to continue with our employer engagement programme which forms a vital part of our sixth form programme, preparing our young people for life after school.
  5. We are here to support you. Your first point of contact is your child’s Prep Tutor.  Contact details can be found with this letter.
  6. Parents of students entitled to Free School Meals will receive an email with an allocated voucher which can be used at a number of local supermarkets.


What do we need you to do?

  1. If your child does not have access to a laptop, please email as soon as possible.
  2. Encourage your child to check and keep on top their emails every day so they don’t miss important information.
  3. Check your child’s timetable so you can help ensure they are online at the right times.
  4. Watch these videos if you would like to see how your child can access their Google Classrooms and live lessons On a phone or On a laptop.


Thank you in advance for your continued support and please do get in touch if you have any questions.


Yours faithfully



Victoria Griffin

Acting Principal



Y12 Contacts


Mr Young (Head of Sixth Form) :

Ms Ferguson (Head of Year 12) :

Mrs San Sebastian (Sixth Form Support Officer) :

Mr Young (Year 12 Tutor) :

Ms Barrow (Year 12 Tutor) :

Mr Shah (Year 12 Tutor) :

Ms Juttla (Year 12 Tutor) :

Mr Palmer (Year 12 Tutor) :


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