Year 11 Meet your teacher evening January 7th


Dear Parent / Carer


Year 11 Meet your Subject Teacher Evening – Thursday January 7th 2021


This year, our Year 11 Subject Teacher Parents’ Evening will follow a different format. It will take place on Thursday January 7th 2021 from 4.15pm – 7.15pm. 


Due to the current situation, we will be undertaking these appointments ‘virtually’ using our Google Meet system. 


  • All students will be invited to a calendared video call using their Google Meet account at a set time with each of their subject teachers. 
  • Students should discuss with their parents which times you can both be available to take part in meetings.
  • Ideally students should make their appointments within a 30-60 minute period to avoid having to remain online for the entire evening. 
  • During this week and next, subject teachers will be making appointments with students. Parents are strongly encouraged to sit with their child during these meetings, as they normally would for parents’ evenings. 
  • Appointment times will be for 5 minutes per student, per subject teacher. It is vital that students log on at the correct time as staff will have multiple appointments throughout the evening and will not be able to catch up with late arrivals. 
  • You will receive your child’s report at the start of next year.  Please ensure you have this to hand when you speak to their teachers. A further copy will be given to students on the day of the parents evening.  
  • Updates on BTEC subjects (Creative Media and Business) will be done through a report card of their status, as these courses will be completed in January 2021. This will accompany your child’s report which will be sent home prior to Parent’s Evening. Should you wish to discuss any issues with teachers please contact (Creative Media) or (Business).


If you would prefer to arrange an alternative type of appointment, or if you would like to arrange your Google Meet appointment yourself rather than through your student, please contact Mr Onwubuya, the ACO for Year 11 via email on or Mr Palmer on 


This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and more importantly look at how they have returned to school after such a long absence. We really value these opportunities to talk with you as we know that working together makes a huge difference in supporting student progress. 


Yours faithfully


Jay Lockwood


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