Year 10 return to school in June – Upadte

I am sure you have now heard that the government have issued new guidance about the reopening of schools on 1st June.  In essence, this means that we are not able to open until 15th June and – when we do – we are only allowed 25% of Year 10 and 12 students on site at any one time.  Thank you in advance for continuing to support your child with their distance learning.

This means that we have had to adapt our plans as below:

Parental consultation meetings will take place one week later as follows (note groups are displayed at the bottom of the email):

  • Group A – Wednesday 10th June – 10:45am arrival for an 11am start (was Wednesday 3rd June)

  • Group B – Thursday 11th June – 10:45am arrival for an 11am start (was Thursday 4th June)

  • Group C – Friday 12th June – 10:45am arrival for an 11am start (was Friday 5th June)

By the end of this week (12th June), we will need to know exactly which Year 10s intend to come to school the following week.

We also appreciate that for you this is a big step and might feel scary. You need to be confident that we have their safety at the forefront of our plans. That is why we are having induction sessions for students and parents, and all of our safety measures will be communicated with you in an email and published on the website.

For some of you, whose children have underlying health conditions or family vulnerabilities, you might not be ready.  No one will be in trouble for not sending their child to school.  However, we would very much like to see them.

On site lessons will start in the week beginning 15th June, but will now only take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  In the meantime students should continue to work on the existing timetable until Friday 12th June.  The new timetable (sent out previously and on website) will then start and distance learning will continue as it has been for those students who are not in school.

Thank you in advance for continuing to support your child with their distance learning.

If you have any queries or questions regarding any of the plans we have put in place, please contact in the first instance, Mr Onwubuya on

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