Return to school in January 2021

You may have heard on the news that the government announced late yesterday (Thursday 17th December) that Secondary schools will only be open for Year 11 and 13 students the first week back in January. Planned examinations will go ahead as normal during this week. Normal face to face teaching will not start again for all other Years until 11th January.  We will organise  learning through ‘Google classrooms’ for Years 10 and 12 and will have more information for you on 4th January. This will also be emailed to your children directly.
We were very surprised and can only apologise to you that you probably heard it first on the news.
We were informed the day before (Wednesday 16th December) that there are new plans to introduce Lateral Flow testing for COVID for staff and students from the first week of January.  This testing will be managed by schools. We have begun our initial planning for this testing and further details will  come out in due course. We have posted an explanation of how the tests work here on the school website.
Due to concerns about the rise in COVID, and the potential impact of Christmas relaxation, the government are now suggesting that every child is tested twice in the first week with priority given to those year groups that are returning on 5th January (Year 11 and Year 13).  We have been given no details about the logistical management of this latest suggestion.
We will keep you updated as we can, but formalised plans will probably come out to you at some point in the afternoon of Monday 4th January which is a Training Day for us anyway.  This will give us a little time to sort out the best way forward before we contact you again.
In the meantime, we hope that you have some rest these holidays.  Keep safe and look after your loved ones.

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