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Our culture is one of aspiration, progression and innovation.  From the very beginning, we will all be responsible for developing it.  As we strive to become the most innovative school in the country you will be supported in trying new things and taking risks to improve the chances of our students.

However at Logic we also know that we will only achieve this aim if we look after you as well as we will look after our students.

We are committed to the following:

  • Flexibility: in addition to usual holidays you will benefit from an early finish every Friday, 3 long weekends throughout the year and 2 days of flexible holidays to be taken at any time throughout the year. Weddings? Cheap flights? You’ve got it.
  • Realistic Accountability: We have the highest expectations but remain flexible by removing unnecessary checklists by allowing you to do your job in a style that suits you. You will not see Logic lesson proformas, over-burdensome marking expectations or meetings for meetings sake. Instead expect streamlined reporting, assessment, and flexible working arrangements.
  • Genuine support: Happy schools have happy teachers and happy and healthy teachers make happy schools. This involves listening to you carefully and also promoting time to create genuine collegiality. Our early finish every Friday means there will also be a host of social events.
  • Time: The biggest impact on progress is simple – good teaching and learning. Everything else is just peripheral. We will give you time to do this with a reduced teaching timetable and increased time to develop what matters the most.

Are you interested in challenging the status quo? Keen on a role which is so much more than producing SOWs and intervention lists?

We’ve got a really clear idea about the type of teachers we’d like to join our team.  We know there is a recruitment crisis right now, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just settle for anyone we can get.

So, we aren’t looking for people who:

  •  like things to be the way they’ve always been
  •  prefer to debate educational policy or how education is going to pot without actually wanting to be a part of changing things for the better
  • think that keeping up with technology and teaching practices is a chore
  •  believe that knowledge should be taught through rote, and that fact based learning is the only/best way to educate a child.
  • are scared by the phrase ‘fail and fail better’.  Because of course we will, at some point fail, but if we never fail then we haven’t been pushing ourselves enough to improve the education on offer.

We REALLY want people who:

  •  believe it’s a school’s responsibility to prepare students for their lives –  not just for exams
  • want to be in a school which will openly question why we are doing what we are doing and how we do it better
  • have an itch that you just can’t scratch in your current job, that you want to be part of something new that’ll make a massive difference to students’ lives
  • are up for change, challenge and direct communication
  • are horrified about the number of NEETS in this country and want to do something about it
  • don’t find the phraseology or approach of this ‘rules of application’ to be abhorrent, indeed, you find it a bit refreshing, and it piques your interest.  If so, then please apply – I definitely want you on the Logic team.

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