Year 12 Education Update

We wanted to provide an update on the delivery of education for our Year 12 students as we move into the 2nd part of the Summer Term. This includes some key dates and arrangements that are particularly relevant to support our student’s learning, plus their transition to Year 13 and beyond.

Distance Learning

First of all, we would like to say a big thank you for your ongoing support through this difficult period. By and large, our Y12 students have coped fantastically well and this has minimised the disruption to their learning. Students have continued to attend online lessons and submit work remotely over this period of enforced distance learning, and have performed admirably despite the challenging circumstances. As a result, we will be continuing with the distance learning provision that we have been conducting since late March, with lessons taking place virtually each week and work being submitted and marked online.

Focus Intervention Group

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, a small number of students in the year group have failed to meet our learning expectations. These students will now be attending school from 9:45am on Monday 15th June onwards. This is for us to provide robust intervention for these students, with the aim of minimising the disruption to their learning. It is important to note that this is a fluid situation, and students will be added to or removed from this group as the term progresses, based on their ongoing work.

Transition interviews

On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th June, all students have been invited into Logic for a one on one conversation with a member of staff regarding their futures. These meetings will discuss progress over the lockdown period, as well as next steps for the rest of this year and plans for destinations after Sixth Form. These meetings will be conducted with all social distancing measures in place and e-meetings will be arranged for students that are shielding.

Subject Catch up Days.

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of June, students will be able to make appointments to see key members of staff in order to discuss their subject progress. This will be a terrific opportunity to ensure that students are fully aware of what work needs to be completed in order to ensure that the return to school is as seamless as possible, with all outstanding work up to date. Alongside this, some students will be asked to attend at set times on these days, to allow subject teachers to provide some specific support and intervention for identified students. There will be further subject opportunities later in the term.

Y12 Mock Exams

These will take place between Monday 29th June and Thursday 2nd July for all A Level students, with students completing BTEC subjects having a slightly different. Students must be prepared thoroughly for these exams, as these results will go a long way to determining predicted grades for those students wishing to apply for and attend university after their time in Sixth Form. Once again these mock exams will take place in school, but with all social distancing measures being adhered to. There will be more details on this to follow in the next few weeks. As things stand, with the government advice being what it is, the last day of term for Y12 students will be Thursday 16th July. Once again thank you for your continued support during this period. If you do have any questions or anything that I or the school can help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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