Destinations Information

Year 11 Student Destinations at Logic Studio School

The majority of Logic School’s Year 11 students have returned to study within our 6th Form. Many of these are continuing with the specialist subjects they studied in Year 10 and 11, most notably Business, Computing and Creative Media.

Others are attending local colleges to follow specialist courses that suit their preferred pathway choices. This includes Motor Vehicle studies, Engineering and Sport.


Destination Number %
Logic 6th Form 30 73
Further Education 10 23.8
Apprenticeship 1 2.38
Other 0 0
NEET 0 0


Prior to students finalising their choices, they are given the opportunity to research, plan and discuss their options with Logic staff, as well as attend open days and events at other providers.

At Logic, our aim is to ensure students are making informed choices for their future and are choosing the career pathway that best suits them. We also get them to consider the ‘long term’ future of these choices, ensuring there are opportunities on completion of their next steps.


Year 13 Student Destinations at Logic Studio School

  • There were 69 leavers in July 2019, with the majority applying for and being accepted for their 1st choice university course. These universities included a number within London but many students have opted to go further afield.
  • 96% of students offered a place at their first choice University
  • Other students have taken routes into Degree Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships and employment, with companies including Microsoft, Haymarket Publishing, DHL and our very own TPET.
  • At Logic, we support all career pathways and believe students need to make informed choices for their future. We touch base with all leavers throughout the year so we are updated and able to offer further support them during periods which we know they find difficult.


Destination Number
Total Number of students 69
Higher Education – Degree 52
Degree Apprenticeship 1
Apprenticeship 8
Full time Employment / Training 7
Currently still applying for Apprenticeships 1


  • Ronil Patel is studying Economics, Maths and Statistics at Queen Mary University.
  • Aiden Becovic was accepted onto the Microsoft Degree Apprenticeship programme
  • Tia Ally and Holly Skingle have joined Haymarket Publishing’s Apprenticeship programme for Marketing and Events.
  • Sarah Bradley is studying Games Design at Goldsmith’s University
  • Leah Davies is studying Fine Art at Reading University
  • Petru Mihai is studying Economics and Finance at York University.
  • Ankita Singh is studying Fashion at Bournemouth University.
  • Ali Taleb is studying Business and Management at Royal Holloway University.


There were 50 students who completed Logic’s 6th Form in July 2018, with the majority applying for and being accepted for their 1st choice university course. Others have taken routes into Apprenticeships and employment. At Logic, we support all career pathways and believe students need to make informed choices for their future.

Destination Number %
Return to Logic 6th Form 2 4%
Higher Education – Degree 22 44%
Degree Apprenticeship 1 2%
Specialist Higher Education (Dance) 1 2%
Apprenticeship 6 12%
Gap Year Employment 3 6%
Full time Employment / Training 9 18%
Employment with Logic Partner company, Gaia Technologies 3 6%
Currently applying for Apprenticeships 3 6%

Our specialist areas of Business and IT were the main destinations for a number of students, with almost 30 students following this pathway.

Destination by Sector (including those applying) Number %
Business 18 36%
IT / Computing 10 20%
Retail 4 8%
Other Employment 3 6%
TBC 4 8%
Hospitality 2 4%
Logistics 2 4%
Returned to 6th Form 2 4%
Creative Media 1 2%
Finance 1 2%
Law 1 2%
Medicine 1 2%
Performing Arts 1 2%

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