work placements done properly

Work experience has recently become headline news – with calls for more schools to offer this valuable opportunity.  Logic Studio School is ahead of the curve, offering six weeks of quality work experience to all of its students – as a minimum.  

We are really well connected at Logic, with around 20 business partners – most notably DHL - who want to offer local students the opportunity to get to know, first hand, what career choices are available to them.

You will learn more because you’ll connect with it through work experience and extended work placements. Rather than just reading about your learning, we bring it to life by letting you experience it for yourself.  You will also be taught by specialists in their field at ‘learning outposts’ or on our specially designed work floors.


YOur next Steps

When you leave Logic you have the skills you need for the modern economy and tommorrow's job market. You will have:

  • All the basic skills that employers say students are lacking - like being able to write well and able to apply maths.
  • With the character skills of confidence and resilience – so you are able to learn from your mistakes in preparation to succeed
  • Communication skills – so you listen to what’s happening around you, and can make yourself heard, understood and respected.


RELEVANT               CONNECTED               FOCUSED