Logic is ‘focused’ on the most important thing. you.

We Are a SMALL School

We don’t offer a conveyor-belt approach to education.  We’re small, so we’ll know each and every one of you. Really well. Which means we know how to encourage you to do your very best.

You will have a fortnightly, one-to-one, coaching period with you personal coach, who is at the heart of your experience at Logic. Their role will help you to:

  • support and evaluate your experiences in work placements
  • manage university and other applications
  • discuss regular academic assessments and set targets

This is part of what makes Logic so special, put simply, we will know your story.  The way our learning day is built and our staffing is structured gives additional time for us to work with you individually and in small groups, celebrating with you when things go right and supporting you when things are a bit tougher.

We Are Redefining progress

Logic is brave enough to not simply focus on traditional definitions of academic success.  We are redefining progress.  Progress to us is about you developing your skills and your ambition.

You’ll be in demand – the businesses we work with are desperate to take on young people with the skills and experience you will have gained.


RELEVANT               CONNECTED               FOCUSED