industry Partners

We have support from over 20 different companies, ranging from work experience to specialised delivery of the curriculum.  

" Our partners are industry experts.  They have the technical ‘know-how’ in a range of different sectors from IT solutions to international logistics, and from events management to business solutions.  As well as delivering some of the curriculum, they will also offer weekly seminars to really lift learning off the page.  They’ll be opening their doors to Logic students, by offering long work placements alongside regular visits to showcase ‘real life’ work in action. 

Logic students will have a distinct advance when they are seeking employment - they will know, and be known by employers. They will have more experience and more of the skills that employers are demanding."

OUr main Sponsors:


DHL know and understand what companies (including themselves) are looking for when recruiting for Apprentices (aged 18+).  They are working with Logic to develop these key skills that are required, but they find can sometimes be lacking. DHL will also be offering extensive work experience projects - for Years 10 and 11 this will be delivered in house at Logic, whilst Years 12 and 13 will have the opportunity to visit DHL.

Gaia Technologies

Gaia Technologies have set up a ‘Technical Repair and Innovation Workfloor’ within LSS, where all pre-16 students will spend time learning and trying out the different computing skill areas in order to help them choose their specialism later on. At post-16 Gaia offer work placement opportunities to all students who have opted for the specialist ‘Computing Pathway’, which includes work with Acer and CISCO. One of their key areas of current focus is the development of 3D and interactive technologies.

PHAR Partnerships

are both sponsoring, and helping to deliver, our ‘Business for the Sports Industry’ course.   PHAR Partnerships are leaders in the field of sports marketing and sponsorship, with offices in eight countries and an impressive list of sporting clients including QPR, Chelsea, and the Premier League, as well as commercial clients such as Samsung, HSBC and AirAsia.  They are excellently placed to give practical lectures each week to our students.

Become a Partner

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