Visit to London Zoo

Before Christmas we visited London Zoo as part of our PBL week. One group included Courtney, Georgia, Harlie-Jade, Hollie, Isobel and Daria. We first explored the penguins. We ran our fingers across the glass to get the penguins to follow us, which they did!

After that we went to the butterfly exhibition, with the rarest butterflies in the world, however Hollie and Georgia split up from the group as they didn’t want to go to the butterfly exhibition. Walking through the butterfly exhibition, the butterflies would fly in front of our faces and we were astounded.

After Courtney and Daria faced their worst fears by facing SPIDERS!! This was a live walkthrough exhibition of rare spiders from all over the world.

Meanwhile, Hollie and Georgia went to visit the lions, where we meet back up with the rest of the group. The lions were all asleep except for one who was vicious. We then made our way to visit the tigers were the male tiger was having a fight with the baby tigers.

Tayla and Ella went off through a kid’s playground into a dome to see the meerkats, where they made a friend in a young child who was passionate about meerkats. They visited the aquarium where they were taking pictures of the creatures.

On the way back to Feltham from the zoo, we ended up missing our stop on the train back home due to us being on a short platform, resulting in us being in Ashford and having to get the train back to Feltham.

 What an adventure!!