Wise words on why Logic is needed

We are delighted to announce that the team at Logic are now all ‘on board’, and they’re looking forward to the School opening in September!

They are pretty excited too, as our new Assistant Principal and teacher of English, Victoria Griffin, explains: “I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of something this ambitious and exciting.”

Our other Assistant Principal, and teacher of Maths, Charlie Young, is also thrilled to be a part of our ‘new school’ approach.  Unlike many other schools who concentrate on getting their pupils to pass exams, Logic is focused on the future and “embracing the changes that modern technology has, and will continue to have, on the world’s workforce.”

Our goal, to help students to access a better future by bridging the gap between education and the modern economy, certainly has the new team fired-up.  As Ben Young, our teacher of Digital Media describes; “the school really understands the need for proper preparation for the workplace, which is such a refreshing approach.” Edward Palmer, Head of Computing, agrees wholeheartedly; “schools need to prepare their students for the realities of working life, and Logic will do exactly that.”

Scarlett Dickinson, our teacher of Business, is particularly excited about the way students will tangibly benefit from Logic’s innovative approach to learning; “students will become independent, collaborative and resilient.”  And this is absolutely vital according to Nina Moore, Logic’s Lead Personal Coach.  She believes that “the world is a competitive place, perhaps more so for young people now than ever before. You need more than just good grades to get where you want to go. Logic will give you the experience, right attitude and mental discipline needed to succeed in a world beyond school walls.”

The new team also recognise just how much Logic Studio School is a much-needed addition to the educational provision in Hounslow.  John Cadogan, Vice-Principal, who has worked in schools in the local area for over 15 years, explains that, “Logic offers something different to students in Feltham, and it will have a life changing effect on young people in this area.”

Edward sums it up best; “Logic is doing something different and exciting, and for the teachers and students who buy into that vision, the rewards can be massive.”  There’s still time for students to ‘buy into’ our vision – just get in touch to arrange a tour around Logic and to discuss joining us in September.