What can I study?

Students can join us at two points - in Year 10 to take a combination of GCSE’s and Level 2 BTEC courses, or at Sixth Form (Year 12) to take a combination of A Levels and Level 3 BTECs.

Key stage 5 Pathways

You can study a range of A-levels and BTECs shown above. You can, of course, choose to mix and match from all the subjects on offer. These are just our suggestions based on the skills and knowledge of these subject areas fitting together well. We’ll be able to help you to choose what’s right for you both now, and for your future career.

key stage 4

  • As a Year 10 student at Logic Studio School you will study on a personalised programme linked to work placements and projects within employment.

  • Your personalised offer will include:

  • Academic GCSE’s, including all of the Ebacc subjects

  • A vocational qualification in our specialisms

  • ‘Workfloor’ Experience

  • Lessons based around real Employer-Led project briefs to stimulate new ways of learning

  • Rigorous tracking and regular review of learner progress working in close partnership with parents and carers

  • A customised curriculum which recognises your abilities as an individual


Detailed Subject information